Friday, October 31, 2008


These are some of the pictures Rachel took last saturday at the halloween party we had at StoneHill (Brad and Olivia's beautiful home).

In case you're wondering what the heck I was...I was a graduate morticia and Massey a cute lion!!

Jordan wore the costume that his mom made for Cedric and this would be cute Kairie (Julie and Robert's baby)

The wonderful Farnsworth family....Rachel, Glen and Caleb...she made Caleb's cute ewok custome..isn't it amazing?

This would be Stephanie Woodbury beating her dad at chess

Yep, this would be Josh Woodbury, he gained a couple of pounds since we saw him last.

The Greenburg Family...Jamie also made both of her girls' costumes...she made the cutest pinguin and Mary Poppins costumes.

The Ludlows...Krista, Jay and cute Matthew, who by the way was a little pumpkin.

James and sexy Suzanne Wolford

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's as miracle

Jordan and I went to see my dad yesterday and we were astonished at how well he was doing and how amazing he looked! It's as if he's woken up from a very long sleep.
I took a bunch of pictures so that our family from Mexico could see him, especially my grandma, since every time she calls, she cries and apologizes for not being able to be with him, I love her!
Well, my dad, might not need another eye surgery anymore, since his double vision is almost gone. Well, here they are.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick update on these last 3 weeks

Well, on Wednesday it'll be 3 weeks since my dad's accident. He's finally out of ICU and he's now in the orthopedic center at Renown Hospital. He had 5 surgeries in two weeks, 4 on his legs and 1 on his eye. He's a very strong man.Today he had all of his leg staples out, and on Saturday he had his chest tube taken out. Our 2 cousins from L.A came to stay and help my mom for 1 week. My dad has a good attitude and is willing to cooperate with the nurses; however, orthopedics is not ICU and the care he receives is extremely different. He wants someone to be with him most of the day, since sometimes he won't see a single nurse for hours. My two missionary brothers have been very worried and we know via e-mail that they've been fasting and going to the temple, just like many, many of our friends and family from all over. Jordan has let my dad borrow his laptop and with my help, he was able to sent an e-mail to my brothers for the first time in almost 3 weeks. My dad's eye is doing very well, but he sees double. He closes his right eye in order to see. We hope that with time he's vision will get better. We've been very blessed and are able to see the Lord's hand in our lives and have felt his love through the many angels he's sent us. Even though these last 3 weeks have been very challenging and quite overwhelming, many wonderful things have happened. We feel blessed and fortunate for having had the opportunity once again to remember that God does exist and loves us very much. Well, here are pictures of those wonderful moments that we'll never forget.

Massey's first sleep over. I stayed at my mom's one night during Jordan's campout with his cub scout. It worked out great, because my sisters really missed my dad and my mom would sleep at the hospital.

Some of the delicious food that so many people sent and one of the many flower arrangements friends sent to my dad

I got to see my cousin Carolina for the first time in almost 13 years!!!

My grandma Maria got to meet Massey for the first time

Friday, October 10, 2008

quick update

Well, it's been just over a week since the accident happened. My dad is still stable, he is truly the strongest man I have ever known, and my mom's faith is truly great. This last week has been the most stressful week in years. My dad isn't communicating with us through writing anymore, he is too tired and very sedated, he has had 3 surgeries in 1 week. We were told he should have one more next week. He had 2 surgeries on his left leg and it's completely fixed, his knee now has two metal plates and screws. He had surgery on his eye and his right femur, but still has an external fixator on the lower part of his right leg. Yesterday morning they took x-rays of his chest and there appeared a black area on his right lung and a CT scan was immediately done. The doctors were still unsure what it was, but there was a big chance of being liquid so they put a chest tube where they introduced a needle in his lung to remove that unexplained liquid. He is doing good so far, they have his oxygen level down to a 30% which is very good, his lungs seem to be working good. The staples on his head are supposed to be removed pretty soon, he has over 100. I met with brother Carter yesterday at the impound car lot to see the car and to talk to the trooper who's doing all the investigation. I cried when I saw the car, it definitely is a miracle that my dad is alive. My mom still spends most of her time at the hospital so it's been amazing having so many people help my family in so many different ways.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My dad's accident

On Wednesday October 1st, 2008, my dad was involved in a very serious car accident. We got a call about 3am from my sister, she dropped off my sisters. We knew very little about it and it wasn't until 6am when we watched the news about the accident, Jordan saw my dad's car on TV and I called my mom to tell her. Jordan found this article online from the Reno Gazette and that' about all we know. My dad broke both of his legs, 8 ribs, had a major cut on his head from one ear to the other, he was scalped, his right orbital is broken, and he bit his tongue almost in half.
He's currently at Renown in the ICU. Our family from Mexico is extremely worried and it's very hard to call them, especially from the hospital since there is very bad reception, so I've created a spanish blog mostly for them. I'll try to keep this blog updated as much as possible.
Tomorrow he's going to have a very complicated surgery on his leg and his eye.
We keep hearing from the doctors that he's very lucky to be alive and it's a miracle that he has no brain damage and all of his vital organs are very bruised but weren't punctured.
We feel very blessed for having amazing friends and a wonderful family who have been helping us out so much. There has been a huge crowd at the hospital these last two days of friends who want to help with whatever we need. My sister and I earlier were talking about how amazing it is to be members of this church. It's hard to imagine what it'd be like to not have the knowledge that we have.
We're praying that tomorrow's surgery goes well. My missionary brothers still don't know about the accident and tomorrow I plan to call their mission presidents to let them know. It's been a very long day but it's definitely better than yesterday. My sisters will see him tomorrow and they're aware of his current condition.
We're very grateful for all of you who have been calling us and have brought food and have helped in so many amazing ways and continue to help.