Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is one of the first things Massey will see when he's born: a gift from his abuelo Garcia.

Capitan Morgan charming Nigel away from ma 'n pa.

This is me and Micah about to get beaten in camel racing at the Circus Circus.

Esther is modeling the beanie I made her for Christmas.

I was guessing what Ruth gave me. She didn't want to open a gift on Christmas Eve because she put all of mine in one box and I wouldn't have had anything to open in hte morning.And she gave me just what I wanted!

And she got just what she wanted (I think).

All of the family that came for Christmas got to see the house in it's latest stage of development. Scout is off to the side taking a nap.

This is the video that Jordan took of G-ma and G-pa's new Anderson compound. This place will be the best. With all of the drywall up, it's easy to see more what it will be like when it's all done.
Here is some more of down stairs and in a view of the house from out back.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our 11 month anniversary

This is my favorite picture that we took tonight. We set the camera on automatic and the flash off. I like the way the lights jump out and fade into each other.

This is what we woke up to on Mom's birthday and today it did a bit more snowing and probably wont melt until next week.
Here's the picture that our waiter Juan took of us at the Olive Garden were we went for the anniversary. Ruth had never gone there before and it had been a while for me, long enough I guess.

I've never liked winter so much..

So far I have loved this winter; baby on the way, beautiful wife who makes my lunches for work, and Reno is treating me pretty well.
Darin and Ross and Toby came over last week to share a pizza, coffee cake, ice cream and root beer with Ruth and me. Things got kind of wild when we started playing Apples and Apples. I won of course.
We also discovered that Toby doesn't like flashes, just like uncle Jordan. He just couldn't get his hand up fast enough.

I just really like this picture of Toby

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friday Snow

This Friday morning Bryce Prescott and I went to the UNR computer surplus sale (where I got some awesome stuff!) and when we came out it was snowing!
Here's a picture of Ruth and me later on that morning...
It was a fun day.