Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tulip Festival 2011

This year was our 2nd year going to the tulip festival in Woodburn Oregon. About 45 minutes South of Portland. We were starting to forget how beautiful Oregon can be, with all the rainfall we've been having.
We went on Saturday the 23rd of April (camera date is wrong), and had a great time. We took some family pictures and simply had a great time as a family. Here are some pictures to prove it.
An awesome dad carrying two tired kids who refused to walk
after only having walked for 2 hours.

This swing was made of a tire
Massey and Rebeca would not look at the camera. We tried about everything.

Massey being really cute to a few pretty Asian girls, who thought Massey was very handsome and asked to take a few pictures of him. It was hilarious!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Newport Aquarium

Here is Massey and Rebeca with Ruth in front of the Aquarium in Newport, OR. The date on the photo is wrong. It's wrong on all of the pictures. Massey loved blowing bubbles on everything.

Massey was pointing at a tree frog. It is really little but you can kind of see it up on the log.
They had this tent set up in the middle of the aquarium
Massey and Rebeca loved the tide pools. This was the one where they were able to touch everything. It kind of scared Rebeca when she touched the sea anemones and they attached to her hand. Massey loved it and tried to blow bubbles on them.

These were the birds that would swim around and eat stuff from under the water.
It's great to have kids that love each other.

Massey loved jumping from bed to bed. I don't know where he gets the instinct to do stuff like that.
I didn't teach him to dance...maybe Ruth did.