Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fotos para Tita de su 3rd nieto

Per Tita's Request (G-ma Giarcia) I'm posting pictures of my handsome nephew Jonathan. Since she enjoys seeing them on here.

A peticion de la Tita, aqui estan una fotos de mi sobrino tan guapo, Jonatha. Ya que aqui las apreciara mejor.

Tomandose una siestecita despues de la capirucha Octubre 16
Tomandose una siestecista antes de la capilla- Octubre 16
Un mes de nacido! Octubre 13
Una fiesta de toga- octubre 10
Buenas queda el traje para el domingo - Septiembre 20

September in a nutshell

Massey's 1st day of preschool. I took him for an entire week and then decided that I wanted to keep him at home for another year. I'll continue doing the co-op preschool with my friend Aimee twice a week and I'm currently working on expanding it (it's a project that might start in January). Head Start was a great program, but it didn't feel right for us. I stole a bunch of ideas from their curriculum and Massey wasn't too sad to find out that I would continue to be his teacher, and Rebeca his classmate.

Doing a cutting exercise. Massey and a super nice Asian boy were the only ones that could cut straight lines. Jordan and I thought this was very interesting and worth mentioning...:)

At the Oregon State Fair....their logo was "Too BIG to miss", so we had to go!
The kids and us loved it.
This was hilarious, they actually had a booth where you paid to find out if you were going to go to heaven. We didn't try it.
Massey and his Papi riding the gondola across the fair grounds.
Massey was so happy that he didn't have to wake up early to go to school that he woke up one morning and made us all pancakes.
...And Rebeca ate them all..This month, Rebeca's femininity really exploded. Shopping has been more enjoyable lately, that's for sure...and a bit interesting at times.

September was the Blueberry picking month. These 3 are actually hugging.
Rebeca's best friend Dia.
My brother Rudy's baby was born and I got to meet him in North Las Vegas. I went by myself.. NO kids. It was super amazing.
We kept wanting to go camping, but it didn't really happen. So our friends Aimee and Brant invited us to have a campfire in their backyard to eat s'mores. It was a very memorable night.

A fun summer (August 2011)