Sunday, July 31, 2011

We got a new camera!

We finally got a new camera yesterday and we love it! We weren't sure what we wanted to do yesterday so we just cleaned up some stuff in the house and headed over to the distribution center because Ruth needed some new G's. While we were there, Ruth found an illustrated Book of Mormon manual in Spanish to read with the kids, she bought some garments, and I almost bought some candy but changed my mind at the last minute.
Then we went to Fry's because we decided that we could look for a new camera and as we were walking into the store some guy handed us a paper saying they would match any advertised price. While we were there, I saw a camera for $199 that I had seen in Costco the day before and I was pretty sure that it was much cheaper there. They lent me a computer to look it up and I found it for $179 on They were trying to work it through their computers (I don't think they had done that very much) and that gave me time to think. I thought I had seen it even cheaper then $179 so I told them and left (there were 3 people working on it, I felt a little bad leaving).
When we got to Costco, I was very happy and surprised to see the same camera for only $159! I love Costco!
Here are some pictures and videos from the camera.

Here's Massey and Rebeca doing what they love most, swimming in our pool.

This is Daniel Botteron with Massey. He is my deacon that always comes to church and scouts, usually with me. He lives right down the street and comes over about a half hour before meetings to get a ride. What a responsible kid.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy b-day Rebeca, 1st Man-date, Sushi

Happy Birthday Rebeca!

This is Rebeca opening her gift from Grandma and Grandpa, she loved it (so did Massey)
A cute picture of Rebeca being happy on her birthday
Rebeca with her Tetris blocks she got. I liked this picture of Ruth, she has a very beautiful smile.

Massey and Rebeca love eachother, I wanted to take a picture when they were playing together and hugging eachother.

Playing in the park this last week. They were really good on these swings
Rebeca surprised me with her swinging ability
On Friday night, Ruth and I went on our first date in a while. We had been planning it for a week and Ruth had talked to a young mom in our complex that has watched the kids before so that she could come over and let us go out. So, Friday I swam with the kids for about 2 hours to get them really tired and we had them in bed by about 8:30pm. Then I went over to get the baby sitter and she had gone out with her friends!
We weren't sure what to do and our movie was about to start (we were going to watch Thor). Finally, Ruth suggested we call our friends, the Stocks, and she called Aimee but with no answer. So, then she said I had to call Brant (the husband) because I'm a man. I called Brant and he picked up and said it would be fine and he could come over and work on his laptop. In about 10 minutes there was a knock on the door and it was the whole Stock family, Aimee, Brant, little Dia and baby Joy.
It was great because they stayed and watched some movie on Netflix and Ruth and I were on our way to watch Thor but we were both hungry so we decided to eat instead. We were in the drive-thru at Burgerville and decided that sushi sounded really good! So we went to Hama Sushi on Sandy Blvd in downtown Portland and it was great

The Dragon Roll

The Caterpillar Roll

Me and Massey on our 1st (and hopefully not last) father/son man-date. We went and watched Kung Fu Panda 2 at the little theater in McMinniman's pub. It was really fun and Massey did really good and sat through the whole movie. Afterward, we went to McDonald's and got some ice cream. Ruth and Rebeca also went out to our friends farewell party (the Bateman fam- they're headed back up to Canada to start in a chiropractic practice up there). They had fun too. After we all got home, the kids went down pretty early and Ruth and I watched Unknown. It was alright.