Monday, July 19, 2010

Marita is now Mrs. Bolingbroke

Well my little sister Mara is now Mrs. Bolingbroke. She got married
on July the 3rd, 2010 and we were able to be there for two whole weeks! Nancy Carter and I threw her a bridal shower the week before her wedding and it was super fun. We got to be there when sister Donna Lakis did her magic with the decorations and all the other million things that happened for the big event. We're super happy for them and currently enjoying all their awesome stories about how they're starting their new life together.

Pues Marita ya se convirtio en la Sra. Bolingbroke. Ella y David se casaron el 3 de Julio del 2010 y pudimos estar en Reno por dos semanas! Nancy Carter y yo le organizamos la despedida de soltera una semana antes y fue super divertido! Tambien pudimos estar ahi cuando la hna. Lakis hizo su magia con las decoraciones y ver el millon de otras cosas que sucedieron para el gran evento. Estamos muy felices por ellos y actualmente disfrutamos de todos sus historias tan especiales en cuanto al inicio de sus nuevas vidas como casados.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our little Rebeca turns 1!

Well Rebeca turned 1 on the 19th of July and we decided to have a little party since, MY PARENTS CAME TO PORTLAND on the 16th of July, so we had a party the next day. My parents can be very spontaneous sometimes and I love it! They just sort of decided to come and called us a few days before they arrived and it was perfect, because they were able to celebrate Rebeca's flower themed party with us and many of
our friends.

At Costco shopping for the fiesta!

We had the party out in our backyard (we're pretty much the only one s that play out in that area, so we call it our backyard)

My dad blowing up balloons
We had really good food and great company, it was the perfect party!

We broke a piñata and the kids loved it! Massey just thought it was the coolest thing,
Rebeca not so much, here we have little Eden trying to break it!
Some of Rebeca's friends, Dia and Kimber.
Watching babies interact is one of the coolest things, seriously.

Helping Rebeca blow out the candles

The Kiddie-Corral kept some of the kids entertained at the party

Here is a shot of the birthday girl with her crown of flowers.
Hannah, do those cherry blossoms look familiar??

Here are a couple of views of the big party and some friends that came to celebrate.

Just two awesome weeks in Reno

During Jordan's last break, we went down to Reno, again, for the 3rd time this year, my sister Mara got married (I have a separate post for that), and it worked out great for us, since we could be there for two whole weeks! So here are some of the many pictures we took during our trip.

This picture is on the way to Reno somewhere in Oregon and you might think there is something wrong with me once I explain this picture, just keep in mind that I was pretty tired. So Massey and Rebeca both had a dirty diaper and while I was trying to change Massey, he stood up and sat on my hand, it's a good thing he didn't have diarrhea...hahaha.. So Jordan thought it'd be a good idea to take a picture, so he left Rebeca diaper-less and left me there with two kids, all I could do was laugh.

Rebeca is in the ''sharing stage'' right now, she'll even take food out of her mouth and try to give it to me, it's really funny.
Rebequita ahorita esta en la etapa de querer compartir todo lo que tiene, incluso se saca la comida de la boca para darme, es bien chistoso.
Massey pretending to be a kite
Massey decia que era un papalote
On our way to Reno, we camped in some crazy campground, we were literally under the freeway and we could hear EVERY single car and truck pass by, we only got a couple hours of sleep and the kids woke up at 5am, so we were out of there by 5:20am. It was pretty awful!
De regreso a Reno, decidimos pasar la noche en un campamento que literalmente estaba dejaba de un puento, y podiamos escuchar a CADA carro que pasaba, solo dormimos un par de horas y los ninos se despertaron a las 5am y nos fuimos de ahi a las 5:20am.
We stopped in McCloud, CA to have breakfast, and it was an awesome. This restaurant was super yummy and the people were all very welcoming.
Nos paramos en la ciudad de McCloud, California a desayunar y en este restaurant la gente era sumamente amable y la comida deliciosa.
When we got to Reno, it felt like heaven! Everyone was so happy to see us and it was just great!
Cuando llegamos a Reno, sentimos haber llegado al paraiso, todos nos esperaban con muchas ganas!
Jus look at Massey's smile! and my sisters are just the best sisters in the world!
Nomas miren la sonrisota de Massey, y mis hermanas son las mejores de este mundo!
Hannah, got there a couple days after we got there and it was super fun! Massey loved having cousins to play with and tease...sorry Laurel and Maisy, especially Maisy.
Here we are at the legends on a very, very hot summer day!
Mi cuñada Hannah, tambien estuvo ahi y fue muy divertido, a Massey le encanto jugar con sus primitas y molestarlas a la vez. Aqui estamos en las tiendas de "The Legends", de compras.
This was crazy! you have to read Hannah's post about the rattlesnake that her daughter Maisy found, all I have to say is: "Scary". Here is Massey sharing cereal with his cousin while they're watching Jordan and grandma kill the snake.
En la casa de mis suegros mi sobrinita encontro una cascabel, mi cunada tomo fotos en su pagina, y fue algo bien feo. Aqui vemos a los ninos comiendo cereal de la caja, disfrutando del show, mientras mi esposo y mi suegro mataban a la culebra.

We went bowling with Rachael and her kids, Hannah and her kids, Jordan, me and our kids, my sisters and grandma Olivia, and there were LOTS of kids.
Fuimos a jugar boliche con los primitos, mi amiga Rachael, mis hermanas, mi suegra y mi cunada.
My grandma crocheted this cute scarf for Rebeca, isn't it cute? she said she made it in just a couple of hours.
Esta es la bufandita que mi abuelita Maria le tejio a Rebequita, apoco no esta bien bonita? y la hizo en unas horas solamente!
It was brother's Carter's b-day, so my parents had a "carne asada". My friend Rachael came and Caleb loved my dad, he loved listening to him speak, it was hilarious!!
Mis papas le festejaron al hno. Carter en su cumpleanos con una carne asada, y mi amiga Rachael trajo a sus hijos y su hijo Caleb, estaba encantado con mi papa. Se paraba enfrente de el y lo escuchaba hablar, era bien chistoso!

We went to the water park, a couple of times and it was SO MUCH FUN!, who ever thought of it, it is a genius, seriously.
Fuimos al parque acuatico uon par de veces y fue bien divertido! el que hizo ese parque, es un genio!

I hope Rebeca can always have this determination
Ojala Rebequita pueda siempre tener esta determinacion.
Grandma Olivia was so great! thanks for putting up with us and letting us stay in your house and eat your food and mess up your beautiful home and the list can go on and on...We love you!