Sunday, May 3, 2009

11 Year-old's Campout to Pig Rock

This was on the way out to Pig Rock.

You can kind of see the pig in this picture.

Here's Aleki and Nate with Brother Smith starting the campfire. We camped right up against the rock to try and get protection from the wind. It was still really windy though.

This is another shot of camp, before it started snowing. It snowed about until midnight and it was a wet snow that froze overnight. The ice probably worked as insulation because we were all still alive in the morning and no one lost any limbs.

You can see the snow in these pictures from Saturday morning. I think a lot of it had melted already.

The boys had fun exploring and climbing on the rocks.

Looking at our camp from across the little valley.

Brother Smith doing some rock climbing without any ropes. (Don't let your wife see this!)

All the boys (accept brother Anderson) up in the cave above camp.
This was a great campout eventhough it was really cold in the wet snow. The desert and rocks on the way to Pyramid Lake are beautiful and it is a fun place to camp.
I'll post more pictures next time we have a campout.