Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doesn't she look like me??

This is my mom (sister Garcia) holding me (Ruth) as a baby.
She can't remember how old I was in this picture...but she thinks about 3 months old
Ever since Rebeca was born, people told me that she looked like Jordan,
and I just couldn't believe and still don't believe it. So I wanted to show everyone the resemblance between my baby and I.
Desde que nacio Rebequita todos me decian que se parece a su papi y quize mostrar esta foto de mi mama y yo cuando era bebe. Creemos que tengo aqui como 3 meses.

This is Rebeca (Ruth's baby) at 3 months.
So what do you think?
Esta gordis es Rebequita, la hija de Ruth. Tiene 3 meses.
Que tal, nos parecemos??

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

This year Jordan and I were spider webs since Massey was a little spider and Rebeca a lady bug and spiders eat bugs. Anyway I thought that Jordan and I looked more like the Spider Queen and King; however when we went to our ward Halloween party, this girl asked me what I was and I said a spiderweb, then she said: ""oh I thought you were the grim reaper"....can you believe that? I laughed later.

Massey loved throwing bean bags into this pumpkin, he made all 3!
That kid had great aim!

So, Jordan was in the donut-eating contest...and guess who won...
and he almost died, because it got stuck in his esophagus I think.. He survived though and got a gift certificate to Jamba Juice!!

After the party we decided to go trick or treating and a nice girl that was giving
out candy was really nice to take a picture of us.
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So we came to this house and we see this grim reaper sitting on the porch, it looked pretty scary but I totally thought it was fake and then as we got closer, Jordan noticed that it was BREATHING!! So I totally got scared and told Jordan to go first. I looked at him for like 5 minutes, debating whether or not it was real.
He blew his cover when he started laughing. He got up at the end and that's when I started screaming and left to the next house.

Massey loved digging in bowls looking for the suckers

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at the Zoo

On Saturday we got to go to the zoo with Josh and Whitney. They got one of us in for free since they have a season pass. It was awesome! We go some awesome videos:

The sea-lions were entertaining.

We got to see a polar bear doing all the stuff they're famous for (except kill things).

Me and my little lady bug.
I wanted to get video of the way Massey runs.