Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentines day

This year we really enjoyed valentines day. As you can see we decorated our front door. My parents were going to come up and visit us here in Portland, but their van broke down in some crazy town in CA and they couldn't come. I know, sad. It was very sad, but we're happy now, since we're going to go see them in a couple of weeks.
(pictures are kind of out of order)

We officially started a tradition for valentines day. We're going to try to make home-made pizza every year for valentines. As you can see Massey loved helping out. ....NOT.

We even made broken hearts. I'm not sure why. We have a pretty happy marriage.

Rebequita got a taste of the pizza sauce. She gave it a thumbs up.
Our poor manual mixer almost died trying to help us knead our pizza dough so Jordan had to use his muscles. When he's rich and famous he'll buy me an awesome kitchen-aid. (I hope)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Massey and Rebeca love each other

This morning Massey was reading to his sister Rebeca and I wanted to take a picture of them. When I got out my camera, Massey must have understood he was about to have his picture taken and, like a good little model, struck a pose with Rebeca. Ruth and I thought that this would be a good post, enjoy!
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Massey loves the doll Grandma Anderson gave him after his sister was born. He's feeds her, sleeps with her, takes her potty, shows her how to's so funny and cute at the same time.
We went to this cool park called the
""elephant house" or something and the kids loved it. The day was super nice.

We went to eat at a mexican restaurant with our friends Aimee and Brant. We got a $25.00 gift certificate for only $4.00 at It's great. You just have to spend $35.00, and so we divided the difference in half. It was fun.

My friend Aimee and her daughter Dia, we go to "story time in spanish" at the library. She's fluent in spanish and her husband is half mexican and is also a chiropractic student. They're really nice.

Rebeca can finally play with her feet, the other day she was sucking her toes. It was hilarious, I wasn't fast enough to get it on video, but daddy took some video of her playing in her crib.

The other day Massey fell asleep watching the movie Monsters Inc. He looked so funny that I had to get it on video.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new Anderson in the family

No, I didn't have another baby.
Jordan's brother Cedric did..well, his wife Sarah. Baxter Lewis Anderson was born on Monday and we're so happy for them. You can see pictures of him on their website. Congratulations you guys!
Woo Hoo!

Monday, February 1, 2010

more of Massey's mischievous acts

Ever since I had Massey, Jordan and I have known that he's a very spirited little boy. He makes us so happy and even though sometimes we feel like sending him to his grandparents, we love him a lot. The other day I left him and Rebeca a couple minutes alone and this is what I found. Rebeca had sticky arrow notes on her head and didn't even cry. I had to take a picture, especially since Massey kept sticking his tongue out while he jumped around his little sister. Everyone that has met our son Massey, knows he's quite a character. I love the face that he makes when he knows he's in trouble. When he was smaller, it used to be hard to be mad at the things he used to do, since most of them were funny. However, now with two kids, I've gotten a lot better at showing disapproval and teaching him when he's done something wrong. The other day, I made him cry when I said "Massey look at me". Can you believe that?? Ever since I started working in nursery, I became convinced that all kids are good, and they all want to be good. The problem is that some kids have a different definition of what it means to be good and have fun. So it is our job as parents to figure out different ways and techniques to teach them the things which we want them to know and learn.
And I have a feeling it's going to take a long time before we get this whole parenting thing down, especially since there are like a million other things we need to learn during this life.