Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Amazing weeks in a nutshell

I cannot express how blessed I feel to belong to such wonderful families. I'm sure that I have the most wonderful parents and siblings in this world. Also, when I decided to marry Jordan I didn't realize how lucky I would soon become, for I would be part of his family. An amazing family which is not only composed of people whom I deeply love but admire as well. I feel truly blessed to have wonderful blood sisters and amazing sisters-in-law whom I love very much. It's been a week since Hannah and Camille went home to their families. Melissa and her family also came for a couple of days and it was awesome seeing them almost every day. Sarah and Britta were the only ones missing. Maybe in the future like Camille said, all of the Anderson girls can get together and do something fun for a couple of days...just the girls! Anyways, these last couple of weeks have been amazing and I can't possibly do justice to the many funny/tender/poopy/special moments by way of writing, so I've selected a few of my favorite pictures hoping to recapture some of those special moments.
No puedo expresar lo bendecida que soy al pertenecer a familias tan especiales. No tengo duda de que tengo los mejores padres y hermanos de este mundo. Tambien, al casarme con Jordan nunca me imagine lo bendecida que seria al convertirme parte de su familia. Una familia tan maravillosa compuesta de personas tan especiales. Me siento tan bendecida de tener hermanas tan maravillosas y cuñadas tan buenas a quienes quiero mucho. Hace una semana Hannah y Camille regresaron a Utah con familia despues de pasar dos semanas aqui. Tambien Melissa y su familia pasaron unos dias aqui. Sarah y Britta fueron las unicas que faltaron. Fueron dos semanas super divertidas ya que me la pase con ellas casi todos los dias. Tome cientos de fotos tratando de capturar esos momentos tan especiales.

Just a few hours before leaving
Hannah y mi suegro disfrutando de las ultimas horas antes de partir con su famila

A special birthday party for a special boy
Nigel was one day away from being 1 year old, so a special birthday celebration was done in his honor. My family was invited and the food like always....was simply amazing.
Celebramos el cumpleaños del primito Nigel antes de que se fuera
y mi familia fue invitada a cen

The view from Stone Hill is indescribable. My dad thought so too.
Mi papa disfrutando del esplendido atardecer desde la casa de mis suegros
Raquel loved Nigel. Who doesn't?
Raquelita jugando con mi sobrinito Nigel.

King Ranch
I told Camille about this one Mexican market called King Ranch on Wells street where chilles rellenos were sold and she was totally excited so we went one afternoon and it was lots of fun. Maisy and Laurel were just adorable, I think that Maisy learned to like me. I'm sure she thought I was weird because it took her a couple of days to smile at me.
Las cuatitas de Hannah, Maisy y Laurel. Maisy finalmente sonrio
conmigo despues de algunos dias.

Cute Laurel and Massey
Sewing Party

Hannah and Camille are super good at sewing, they even had a sewing party that lasted several days. Here Maisy and Laurel are discussing measurements and sewing patterns.
These are the pants that I made for Massey with the easiest pattern in the world!
Thanks Hannah
Massey started doing this. It must have been his tooth trying to come in.
Massey empezo a chuparse el labio de arribo, pienso que era un dientito que le empezo a salir, se veia tan chistosito que tuve que tomarle una foto.
Massey and Nigels' first conversation

We spent the night over at Stone Hill on saturday so that we could go to church on Sunday with everybody. The next morning Massey and Nigel woke up acting extra cute. It looked like they were having a very interesting conversation.
Nos quedamos a dormir el fin de semana con mis suegro para ir a la capilla con ellos, y el primito Nigel y Massey se despertaron bien platicadores. Y parecia que estaban teniendo una conversacion muy interesante.

Camping at Tahoe
Trying to bury Jordan in the rocks, we all gave up. It was too hard.
Fuimos a campar al Lago Tahoe una noche con mi familia y unos amigos del barrio de mis papas y Jordan y yo nos divertimos muchisimo con mis hermanas. Tratamos de enterrar a Jordan pero fue casi imposible, solo habia piedrecitas.

Raquelita loves to draw and she is so good.
My mom brought her easel and she looked too cute!

A Raquelita le encanta pintar y mi mama le trajo su caballete.
Se veia como toda una pintora

Our first official date in almost 5 months

We went and saw the new Batman was AWESOME!

Jordan y yo tuvimos nuestra primera cita en casi 5 meses, fuimos a ver la pelicula de Batman, estaba buenisima!
Artown July 08'
It was an International night and they had Folkloric Mexican dancers
Lleve a mis hermanas a un evento anual llamado Artown, ese dia hiba a ver una presentacion de bailes folkloricos.

The 3 Musketeers finally get together
Toby came to see his buddies
Los 3 mosqueteros, Toby, Nigel y Massey. Por fin pude verlos a los 3 juntitos.
Toby es el hijito de unos amigos muy queridos Darin y Ross.

Nigel and Massey strengthening their eternal bond

El primito Nigel y Massey fortaleciendo esos lazos eternos

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grandma Dahl's 90th Birthday

Last week on the 4th of July, we had the opportunity to attend the Dahl reunion and celebrate Grandma Dahl's 90th birthday. It was my 3rd year going and it was Massey's 1st time! And it was probably Jordan's 27th time...not sure.This year was very special since we got to go as a Family. I went as a mom and Jordan as a dad! We got to meet Maisy and Laurel for the first time and a lot of our extended family were able to meet Massey also. Nigel and Massey totally loved each other and it was super cute seeing them play together. I really hope that they can become best buddies since Nigel is Massey's only boy cousin that is his age, and I'm sure he'll be a great example for our boy since he's got great parents.
Grandma Dahl was as sweet as always and we know it meant a lot to her to see us all gathered like the family that we are.
La semana pasada en el 4 de Julio, tuvimos la oportunidad de asistir a la reunion familiar en el Rancho de la abuelita Dahl de mi esposo, en la ciudad de Starr Valley, NV y a la misma vez celebrar su cumpleaños #90. Fue mi 3er año y el 1er año de nuestro bebe. Este año fue super especial porque muchos familiares de mi esposo aun no conocian a Massey y nosotros tambien no conociamos a 2 de nuetras sobrinitas.. Maisy y Laurel. El primito Nigel tambien conocio a Massey y se cayeron bastante bien. Que gran alivio ya que Nigel es el unico primito varon que Massey tiene y que es mas o menos de la misma edad. Tambien tiene padres muy buenos que no tenemos duda le enseñaran buenos principios, espero que pueden crecer y convertirse en muy buenos amigos.

Los dos primitos

Tia Sarah and tio Cedric

Cute cousin Nigel
El primito Nigel
I just loved this picture, Jordan is hilarious!
Como me rei con esta foto del payasito de mi esposo
Not a day goes by that Jordan doesn't make me laugh
No pasa un dia sin que Jordan me haga reir
Tio Jeff
Cousin Maisy and our son Massey. Try saying that really fast.
Una de las primitas cuatitas Maisy
yummy yummy food!
La comida estaba riquisima!
Stinky baby!
bebe apestosin!
Cousin Scout...was super cute. That girl has the energy of two babies put together.
La primita Scout tenia una energia de dos bebes
she kept trying to take Massey's was so funny
queria quitarle el chupon a Massey
Not sure what happened here. I think it was Jessica's fault..
Jessica, la prima de Jordan se lo llevo un buen rato y se puso a jugar con el
Aunt Britta gave Massey a bag full of cute clothes and this hat was in there. I couldn't resist taking a picture of Massey wearing it. Thanks tia Britta!
Mi cuñada Britta le regalo a Massey mucha ropa que a sus niños ya no le quedan y ahi venia este gorrito tan bonito. No pude evitar tomarle una foto a Massey, se veia bien bonito!
Jessica was incredible helpfull..she took care of Massey whenever I couldn't or when Jordan would forget to. She was always there to help. Thanks Jessica!
Jessica me ayudo bastante ese fin de semana con Massey. Me cuidaba a Massey cuando necesitaba ayuda.
The two loves of my life
Los dos amores de mi vida