Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fotos divertidas para la family/Fun pics for the familia!

Massey tomo esta foto, ultimamente ha estado tomando fotos de sus juguetes, de la pared, las sillas, de todo lo que se le ocurre.

Massey actually took this picture, he's been taking pictures of his toys, of the wall, kitchen chairs, or anything he can think of.
En un dia muy calurosoy humedo jugando con el agua.

Playing with water on a very hot and humid day.
This is at OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science. It was Free Science Day week and we went with our friends Josh, Whitney, Beca and Chloe.
They had an awesome play area for the kids and Rebeca loved watching all the fish and playing with all the toys they had for her age.
Beca and Massey playing in the stream with all the cute little boats and animals

I just love this picture!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Massey's accident- very gruesome picture

Warning! the following picture is very gruesome

This would be Massey's thumb after cutting it with a shard of glass he found somewhere on our kitchen floor. It happened right after we had just sat down to have dinner a few weeks ago. We have no idea how it happened but it almost broke our hearts to see his sad little face for what seemed like an eternity, especially on the way to the urgent care. He got 7 stitches and was so brave and good to the nurses even though he was in so much pain for a little while.
It's been a few weeks and his thumb is completely healed and when we ask him about his thumb he says: "Las hormigas ya se fueron" or in english: "the ants are all gone". When he had all those stitches on his thumb, it looked like a bunch of black ants and we told them that they were little ants healing his thumb.