Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

I know many of you have been wondering about our header picture and I finally get to tell you all about it. As you can see above from our little models sign, it was the Wooden shoe tulip festival
Last Saturday Jordan, the kids and I headed to Woodburn, Oregon which is about 45 minutes away from Portland. It's an event which attracts thousands of people every year during the month of April. There are no words to describe the beauty of this farm. Over 40 acres of tulips! The kids really enjoyed them, except for the posing part, Rebeca was about done with all the picture taking. I was going crazy taking pictures, trying to catch every moment. I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR! I had never really appreciated the beauty of spring until now. Anyway, it was absolutely beautiful.

I love these children!

Friday, April 16, 2010

For you Jordan

Jordan went camping with the Boy Scouts and I'm having a hard time getting to sleep. I've been meaning to make a post about Jordan and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.
Tonight is one of those nights where my mind is simply filled with thoughts and my heart is full of gratitude and love for the wonderful life I enjoy, especially for the amazing husband I have in my life. I love Jordan for so many reasons and if you don't want to read all my reasons, you may skip this part and watch the video, is quite funny and cute. As I was writing, Jordan is the kind of person that doesn't go around telling people about his accomplishment, I usually do that and I just love him for that. Many people think he lives his life feeling unconcerned about everything that happens around him, because he has a peculiar way of acting when hard things come his way. However; he has such a tender and loving heart and as I get to know him better everyday, I've discovered many virtues and hidden gifts which not many people know. Massey and Rebeca are too young to comprehend how lucky and blessed they are to have Jordan as their father. Jordan is the best dad they could possible have. He plays staring contests with Massey's favorite doll, he also, on several occasions has gotten up early to prepare a yummy and fun breakfast for us. He works so hard to make me happy and I know that he really loves me. He makes me laugh everyday and my love for him grows with every passing day.
I love you Jordan.

Jordan se fue a campar con los Boy Scout y no puedo conciliar el sueño. He querido escribir acerca de Jordan y pense que esta era la oportunidad perfecta. Hoy es una de esas noches en donde mi mente esta llena de pensamientos y mi corazon lleno de gratitud y amor por la maravillosa vida que gozo, en especial por el esposo tan increible que tengo en mi vida. Amo a Jordan por tantas razones y si no quieren leer mis razones, pueden saltarse esta parte y mirar el video de abajo, es realmente chistoso y tierno. Bien, pues como decia anteriormente, Jordan es el tipo de persona que no se jacta de sus logros, normalmente soy yo la que lo hago por el y realmente me encanta eso de el. Muchas personas piensan que vive despreocupado de lo que sucede a su alrededor por el hecho de que tiene una manera muy peculiar de reaccionar antes los desafios que se le presentan. Sin embargo; Jordan tiene un corazon tan tierno y amorozo y al conocerlo mejor cada dia, he descubierto muchas de sus virtudes y dones escondidos que muchos desconocen. Massey y Rebequita son aun muy pequeños para comprender lo afortunados y bendecidos que so al tener a Jordan como su padre. Jordan es el mejor papa que ellos puedan tener. Juega con la muñeca favorita de Massey para ver quien parpadea primero y tambien en varias ocasiones se ha levantado temprano para preparnos un rico y divertido desayuno. Se esfuerza en hacerme feliz y se que realmente me ama. Me hace reir todos los dias y mi amor por el crece con cada dia que pasa.
Te amo Jordan.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Conference & Easter Weekend

Well we made it back to Portland, from Reno just in time for Conference weekend. The Stock family came both days to watch conference with us and we really enjoyed their company. It was nice to be back and enjoy conference in the comfort of our own home. Massey and Rebeca were pretty good and they we were able to listen to most of the talks.

Between conference sessions we decorated our front door to welcome spring and keep Massey busy for a few minutes. We also had an Easter Basket hunt, we got the idea from Hannah's tradition book that she put together and gave us for Christmas a couple years ago. Massey loved it and Aimee, Brant and Dia were so much fun. Our friends Josh, Whitney and Beca also came to say hi between session and we felt so special for having so many visitors! It was truly an awesome weekend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

There's no place like Reno

Seriously, there is no place like our beautiful Reno. And even though it took us 13 hours to get there, because we ran out of gas, 3 miles out of Susanville, we were still pretty happy to be there. It sounds pretty bad, but it actually wasn't so bad, it was actually a neat experience..maybe I'll make a post about it later. Anyway, so, we spent almost 2 weeks in Reno and Sparks for spring break. Jordan had a break between quarters and we couldn't wait to go back and see everybody.
And all I have to say is: IT WAS AWESOME! we made, well I, made a schedule of all the things we wanted to do and all the friends we wanted to see and we did almost every single thing. We went to the temple twice! Jordan and I went on two dates (no kids), we even got some culture by attending a piano recital at the university. Jordan helped my parents move, yes, they finally are moving to a house (I'll make a post about it later, once my mom approves), I got all 3 bridesmaid dresses for ALL 3 weddings, and lots of other things. The weather was kind of crazy, but it's Reno, so we weren't surprised. Massey was like a different child, he was super happy most of the time and was super excited to see everyone and be around the people that love him unconditionally. Rebeca on the other hand, was super clingy, I couldn't believe how attached that baby is to me! I love it. She's so cuddly and yummy.
Well, here are some pictures, which we will cherish forever.

We went to the movies with some friends, my siblings and Jessica who came for the weekend with grandma Dahl. We did a lot of shopping, looking for bridesmaids dresses and my sweet friend Rachael came with me twice even though she's almost due and it was lots of fun having someone to talk to while my mom did all the looking.

My parents are moving again and we were there to help them and see their new place. I'll post about this later, Massey loved playing in all the boxes and climbing on stuff.

How can we not love Reno. All our family is there and they love us so much!!!
At times we even forgot we had kids, it was great.