Friday, June 11, 2010

The month of May in a nutshell

The month of May was quite an exciting month. We started off the month by celebrating "National Train Day", we went to the Portland Union Station and got to see all the cool stuff they had, like one of three vintage locomotives owned by the city of Portland, which was on display. As you can see there were lots of people, and it was very cool.
The kids loved looking down at all the people from the bridge. Rebeca was so funny, she's so little and acts like a big girl sometimes.

Massey got his face painted, we didn't think he would let the lady touch him but he did and he didn't even move, he was like a statue, it was hilarious!
I think he was terrified of her !
We also celebrated Mother's Day, I didn't take any pictures, I don't know why, but I want to make sure I write about it so I'll never forget that day, because truly was the best mother's day ever. We celebrated it with our two children in the comfort of our home and Jordan cooked all 3 meals, yes you read write, he cooked all 3 meals, he fed the kids, took over the kitchen and I didn't even ask him! At church we got flowers and we had the nursery kids make cards for their moms with a picture of them, and of course Massey made one for me (well, it was more like me making it for me) and it was very special!

These pictures are just for fun. On this month I introduced scissors to Massey's list of "things that are okay to use as long as I'm being watched", which is pretty much everything he touches. He loves cutting paper, but on this particular day, he wanted to cut paper outside, specifically on the grass and he seriously sat there for 1/2 an hour. He looked so cute that I got my camera and got a picture of him.

I also planted a garden and I had little helpers, these boys are two of my neighbors, they're brothers and I actually watch the youngest one, Eddie. He's almost four and Massey weighs more than him. Anyway, I had them help me dig holes and plant my vegetable plants. I think they had fun.
So here it is, it's quite small but I was told I could pretty much plant selected vegetables all year round and since I've never really planted anything in my life, I decided to start out small.
By the way, they're still growing, I had summer squash on the other side of the fence but they got stepped on and died, so this is all I have. Peas, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and zucchini.And the highlight of this month was my brother's wedding. David and Talia got married on Friday the 21st, 2010 and it was so special. We're happy to have Talia as part of our family and to have David start a new episode in his book of life. They're very happy and living in Reno.

Aren't they handsome? and Talia of course is absolutely beautiful.

I've never being asked to be anybody's bridesmaid, so this was a very cool experience, I felt young again. I was so afraid I wouldn't fit in with all these girls (my sisters and Talia's two sisters), but it was fun.

The Wideriksen Family and the Garcia's. Oh, and my grandma came from Mexico.
My three favorite brothers
Two families, becoming one.