Friday, April 10, 2009

My brother David is back from his mission

My brother David just got back from his mission last week and it was super exciting having seeing him again after 2 long years. He served in the Houston, Texas Mission and we're happy to say that he returned with honor. Sometime next year, we'll be saying good bye to my other brother Sam. We're happy to have David back and what a blessing it is to have so many returned missionaries in our families, including my husband Jordan. I look up to all those missionaries who spend 2 years of their lives serving the Lord and do it with love and are true to their calling. I hope that Massey's testimony can be strong enough and understand the long lasting effect serving a mission will have in his life and will want to go when the time comes.

Well, here are some pictures and video of that unforgettable moment.

Massey and Jordan waiting at the airport for
uncle and brother-in-law David to come
Right before we got to see him

My three handsome brothers
and yes, they've got matching ties (David's idea)
Yes, this is the entire Garcia Family
Amazing friends whom we consider part of our family

David finally meets his nephew