Sunday, May 7, 2017

BYU women's conference week

I attended the BYU women's conference this year and Jordan watched all 4 kids.  He did so good, I wanted to remember what the schedule of things he had to remember looked like. I know in a few years, it'll be even fuller. Right before leaving, I received a letter from the kid's school, letting me know that school had been cancelled the rest of the week, due to a virus that sent many sick children home that week.
So,  Jordan's schedule freed up a lot, but it also meant that he would have all 4 kids at home while I was gone. He did awesome! 
 My aunt Josefa, she's my mom's older sister took the bus with her daughter Barbi from L.A to Vegas on wednesday morning. That afternoon, we all drove together to Provo, UT.  My aunt joined the church when she was a teenager but left the church in her early 20's, she's now in her late 60's and recently returned to the church and went to the temple last year for the first time. 

It was a great experience to be able to share a room with my sister Mara and have her as my roommate for 3 nights. It brought back many great memories of us growing together. 

Hannah and Britta were also roomates and we were all in the same group. 
It was so fun to stay up talking and share what we thought of the classes we all went to. 
We stayed at the heritage halls, and my mom's groups was like 2 doors down the hallway. 

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