Sunday, April 23, 2017

General conference

We did it! Jordan took Massey to a live session for General Conference this year. A couple years ago we thought it'd be a good tradition to take our kids to General conference during their 8th year, we tried last conference but we could not make it work. Massey just turned 9 in February and it was such a great experience for him.  We thought inviting his cousin Nigel would make it more meaningful.  They boys had a great time.  Massey is developing his own testimony of the Gospel in such a natural way. This parent gig is not easy but it's so gratifying and fulfilling.

We spent half the time at Uncle Micah and Aunt Camille's home. We got there on Friday afternoon and they were so good to take us to this fun children's museum. The kids loved it, expect for Ezra, he wasn't a big fan of the water table, he kept frowning the whole time and didn't quite learn to enjoy it. It was cute.

cousin Bradley kept telling us how much he enjoyed watching General conference. Aunt Camille was so nice to let Rebeca set up a whole table with fun treats and activities. I didn't come prepared so this was really great and fun for the kids. 

On Saturday afternoon, after meeting my brothers, David and Rudy at the Cheesecake factory. We headed to Bountiful to visit and spend our last night with our friends Aimee and Brant. 
Our kids get along so well, and Aimee and I feel so comfortable with each other. We have similar parenting styles and simply love each other, despite the fact that we live far from each other. We have so much to talk about. I truly feel bless to have her in my life. 

Having all 8 kids sit at their small table brought so many good memories of the time we used to live in Portland. We did a bilingual co-op preeschool and we would hang out at each others apartments all the time. 4 years later we have twice as many kids and being around each other again made us all feel very happy. 

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