Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New baby on the way!

It's true we are bringing another little baby into this world! I don't even know how far along I am, should find out soon and then we'll announce it to the whole world :) We found out the morning on the 4th of July while visiting family in Reno and announced it that evening while camping at Stampede during a skit that our family did for my family. It wasn't really planned but it couldn't have turned out more perfect.

I have some pictures that I'll post later.  Here is a picture of my parents and their 3 grandchildren, Rebeca, Jonathan and Massey.

During this trip we were able to see almost every member of Jordan's family, except for Britta's family. All of my siblings were able to go camping on the 4th, except for my missionary brother Sammy.  It was a very special time since we spent good quality time in such a short period with both of our families. 

We are so blessed to have come from such good families who love us and have taught us so much and continue teaching us about how to find joy in our lives. 
And speaking of joy, I don't think I posted about my mom being back, she returned to the U.S on the 29th of May after being in Mexico for  10 long months.  It was a glorious day and we wished we would've been there with most of my family, my beautiful sister-in-law Talia took amazing pictures of that day and captured some of the first hugs my mom gave my dad and sisters. 

Life could not be better for us, Jordan is doing his best to finish school and pass all of his required tests, graduation is mid-December and we are thrilled to continue moving forward as he graduates and gets to  practice as a Doctor in chiropractic medicine, maybe in Las Vegas, NV, but it's not a sure thing yet. We'll know as he gets closer to being done.  
As of my life, I'm feeling great, I love being a stay-home mom, and no longer feel bad for having quit our managing job, I'm glad I worked for 13 months, since the money we saved had a purpose, but now my purpose is to support my husband through these last hard months and continue enjoying every moment with our two wonderful and special children. We are well aware that trials are important for our spiritual growth at this time and are doing our best to overcome them when they come with the Lord's help. 

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Britta Singer said...

Ah! I wish we could have been there for the 4th.
We are SO excited for this next pregnancy! Congrats!
Family is so awesome! I hope that you guys DO come the LV. It will be so fun to have some family here, but I'm not getting my hopes up because I know how life goes and how things can change. I just hope for the best for you guys! Love you!