Sunday, March 26, 2017

Zion's youth spring performance

Tonight we attended the Zion's Youth Spring performances with Massey and Rebeca. Jordan took Massey and Rebeca and I went together.  Tara Skouson was very kind to get me two tickets the day of the concerts for the 5pm perfomance so Rebeca and I could go. I found out tonight that she is the company's manager. Her husband had already promised me two tickets for the 7:30pm performance but Jordan told Massey he would take him.  It worked out so well having gone separately, it was a mommy-daughter and daddy-son date. We feel deeply grateful for the opportunity we have to be surrounded by and know such talented people. I currently am taking piano lessons from David Skouson, who directs the orchestra and is a very accomplished concert pianist. To say that this it has been a great experience would be an understatement. The Smith's center is a beautiful building and tonight's performance was really spectacular. Massey and Rebeca very much enjoyed it especially since they recognized a few of the youth from our current ward, "the Dove Canyon ward".  

Papi and Massey being all handsome and happy together
                                                                  Cute Rebequita with Mami
                                             We had to get a picture with this colorful background.
                                                      Rebeca will be 8 yrs old in 4 months.

Love these two!

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